I am the kind of girl that always has a crazy story to tell.  Loudly.  And then I laugh like a donkey.

I love to come up with wacky ideas to do things that I have no business even attempting. See, e.g. (that was a dorky lawyer reference – donkey laugh!) competing in bodybuilding, sky diving, running a full marathon, and completing a 7-day juice fast (okay, I only made it 3 days – Worst. Idea. Ever.).

After working as a corporate lawyer in Washington, D.C. for 4 years, making a boatload of cash, and spending .999 boatloads of cash (mostly on food – this girl can eat!), I came up with what will likely be my last* wacky idea: to take a break from the practice of law to backpack around the world.

Follow me. Mock me. Send me money.   Just kidding about that last one.   Unless you’re going to do it.

* If you knew me, you would probably have the same sneaking suspicion I do that this one might kill me (I trip over my own feet at least once a week, so the odds of me falling over the side of some cliff are damn near 100%), or at least leave me wandering the globe, alone, for the rest of eternity (my sense of direction is THAT BAD). I made this blog primarily so my friends and family will have some idea about where to start looking for my body or, more likely, will know when it is safe to start pillaging my storage unit for all of my cool cooking stuff.

My brief (and victorious) foray into figure competitions.

Me at a wedding in Nigeria.

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